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When You Need Legal Advice

At some point, everyone needs advice. The difficulty? Knowing what questions to ask and who to trust with the answers! Talking to a caring Arizona family law attorney with 602 Law Group about your current situation, if only for an hour, can set a positive tone for your entire case. It all starts with a phone call to 602-562-5000.

Divorce and Family Law Firm

602 Law Group’s award-winning attorneys are professional, dedicated leaders. Their passion for helping Arizona families is unparalleled. Each legal issue in your case will be met with preparedness and a strategy for obtaining the best possible outcome.

We are strong advocates at the settlement table and excel in the courtroom.

Having a skilled negotiator with substantial trial experience is invaluable in achieving client goals while avoiding trial if possible. Our attorneys utilize forensic accountants, mental health professionals, child custody evaluators, and other experts to make the case.

Experience the efficiency of a client-focused results-oriented law firm.

There is great strength in team work. We complement quality legal representation and customer service with technology, saving our clients time and money. We go the extra mile to provide meaningful results.

You deserve the best legal representation available. We have the talent and resources to deliver it.

We represent families. Lots of them.

  • Legal Decision-Making and Parenting Time

We represent parents petitioning for child custody or modified orders and establishment of child support.

  • Paternity Establishment

We assist clients in establishing paternity. This is a prerequisite to an unwed father’s petition for parenting time or shared custody with the mother. It’s also the first step in obtaining court-ordered child support from the natural father.

  • Grandparent Visitation

Although parents sometimes deny grandparents regular visitation with the grandkids, denial is not always in the child’s best interests. Meet with a grandparents’ rights attorney about petitioning for court-ordered visitation.

  • High Asset Divorce

Many spouses own small businesses and professional practices – doctors, lawyers, brokers, engineers. We represent clients in high asset divorces where valuation may be difficult. Our divorce attorneys have experience working with financial experts, forensic accountants, business valuators, and appraisers.

  • Divorce Over 50

Although property division can involve substantial assets in any divorce, mature spouses in marriages of long duration have additional pressures. For clients nearing retirement or retired, our attorneys detail the specific economic consequences of halving marital assets and debts. The community share of every pension, 401k, IRA, and deferred benefit must be valued, divided, and distributed.

A Phoenix divorce attorney with 602 Law Group will develop a legal strategy that protects the client’s post-divorce lifestyle to the greatest extent possible. To negotiate from a position of strength, an in depth analysis of each retirement asset may require expert analysis by a forensic accountant.

  • Military Divorce

Divorce for reservists, active duty, and retired service members requires special handling by an attorney experienced in military code and culture. A tailored approach is needed to collect family support from a deployed soldier, to stay proceedings, and to divide military benefits and pensions. An experienced military divorce attorney will navigate the court proceedings and military regulations involved.

  • Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an option for clients wanting to stay out of the courtroom and avoid trial. Consult an attorney with 602 Law Group about the collaborative law process and what is necessary to obtain the divorce decree.

Trial and Appeal

Most divorces settle, yes. But the possibility of trial is always there. Should negotiation and ADR end without agreement, then your attorney will competently, meticulously litigate the case at trial and, if necessary, appeal the trial court’s judgment.

Supportive Representation

Every client is important to us. Our supportive legal team and top-notch customer service means you can always rely on us. Trust us to do the heavy lifting.

602 Law Group is a BBB accredited Arizona business with an A+ rating. Our offices are conveniently located throughout the Phoenix Metroplex area.

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We are a client-focused law firm. Everything we do is purposeful, intended to bring home the best possible outcome for our clients.