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Phoenix Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Working with your spouse to resolve outstanding divorce issues may sound like an impossibility. However, Arizona’s family courts and divorce attorneys use a variety of methods to resolve marital disputes that do not include trial litigation.

The most popular of these is mediation. Mediation can reduce the time and expense of your Phoenix divorce and leave you happier with the outcome.

To learn more about using mediation as a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional divorce litigation, call the 602 Law Group or contact us online. The Phoenix family law attorneys at Stewart Law Group can help navigate your divorce or divorce mediation goals.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process in which a trained professional or mediator works with spouses to resolve any unresolved case issues. Divorce mediators do not make decisions for spouses but facilitate communication to allow spouses to make mutually beneficial decisions.

Divorce mediation may be used to reach agreements on property and debt division, child custody and support, and spousal maintenance. The court generally offers reconciliation services for parents with court-appointed mediators to work through parenting plans, but parents may choose to use a private mediator.

The divorce mediation process is confidential and the mediator is neutral, meaning they are not affiliated with either spouse. During divorce mediation, the spouses may or may not be in the same room.

Each spouse in divorce mediation has an opportunity to be heard and present their opinions and preferred resolutions to topics of conflict. The goal of mediation is not to come out of the process of getting everything or taking advantage of the other spouse.

Mediation is a means of maintaining control over the divorce process and how major issues are resolved. It is an alternative to the court dictating the terms of the divorce. If you’re looking instead for a divorce lawyer, a Phoenix divorce lawyer at 602 Law Group is qualified to help.

What Happens After Divorce Mediation?

After divorce mediation, any resolved issues are written into a mediation agreement, signed by the parties, and presented to the court. The remaining matters are heard at trial by the assigned judge.

If all of the divorce issues are mutually agreed upon, the mediation agreement is presented to the court for approval as a consent decree.

How a Phoenix Divorce Mediation Lawyer Can Help You Prepare

The most important things you can bring to your divorce mediation are an open mind and the willingness to compromise. A divorce mediation attorney from the 602 Law Group can guide you through preparing everything else for your first mediation session.

At the 602 Law Group, we believe preparation is the key to resolving any divorce. When you meet with one of our divorce mediation attorneys, we want you to achieve your legal goals and expectations.

When you step into mediation, it is crucial you have:

  • A list of any assets and debts including investments
  • Investment and brokerage statements
  • Your last tax return
  • Your last three pay stubs
  • An accurate monthly budget
  • Any retirement and life insurance documentation

If you share children with your spouse, also have your completed parenting plan with a proposed parenting time schedule and legal custody arrangement (legal decision-making). One of the 602 Law Group’s divorce mediation attorneys can explain these concepts to you and ensure your parenting plan meets Arizona’s statutory guidelines and your children’s best interests.

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Start planning for your divorce mediation today. The better prepared you are for resolving your divorce issues, the more likely you are to avoid courtroom drama, save time, and keep your hard-earned money.

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